Welcome to Digital Dimension Consulting

We provide Documentation and User Experience Consulting to technology companies. Our services include Product Documentation (Print Manual and Online Help), Process Consulting, Wiki implementation, and Single Sourcing solutions.

Based in Greater Vancouver, Canada we cater to companies across the North American continent. Our experience spans domains such as IT Security, Banking, Enterprise Solutions, Digital Video Solutions, and Defense.

Why Digital Dimension Consulting?

Different organizations have different needs. With over 30 years of combined experience in large and small organizations, we are trained to understand the requirements of different types of organizations and deliver accordingly. We carefully scope the project, estimate the effort, and suggest the most appropriate tools for your organization

When small organizations and start-ups cannot afford to make a huge investment in commercially available software, we suggest and implement open source solutions. When large organizations need additional resources to meet tough deadlines, we augment the existing documentation team and work towards delivering high-quality documentation.

We explain complex technological concepts to a wide variety of audience – non-technical users, enterprise users, and system administrators. Armed with process knowledge, expertise in tools, audience analysis and interviewing skills, our projects are always a success.

We are not just customer-centric; we are user-centric.

Does your organization need help with the following? 

  • articulating a complex technological concept to a non-technical audience.
  • deciding the right tool for your product documentation.
  • deciding the right delivery format.
  • choosing the right content management system.
  • writing blog posts about your technology/products.
  • audience analysis.
  • app reviews.
  • usability test for your products or mobile apps.